A performance intervention for international collaboration conceived by PopUP Theatrics partners Ana Margineanu and Tamilla Woodard and developed in collaboration with The Cross Border Project's director Lucía Miranda and Metatarso Workinprogess director, Dario Facal. INSIDE marks the second hotel intervention project of PopUP Theatrics whose mission is to create site-specific/ site impacting theatrical events in dynamic collaborations with theatre artists world wide. INSIDE featured texts written by Ella Greenhill, Mario Tardon, Cristina Colmena, Performances by more than a dozen actors and a team gathered form our partners at Cross Border Project and Metatarso.


The US premier of the Hotel Project
Hotel Project: NJ at the Grand Summit Hotel, Summit NJ. January 27-29, 2012.
72 performances for one spectator at a time
Each audience was given the opportunity to view three rooms in an evening. 
Once inside the room, the plays begin to unfold and the spectator becomes the proverbial “fly on the wall;” an invisible witness to strange, unique and intimate stories.

Written by: Beatriz Cabur, Peca Stefan, Alfonso Carcamo
Directed by: Doug Howe, Tamilla Woodad, Ana Margineanu
Video features: Molly Gilman, Becca Ballenger, Haley Rawson, Vincent Igrisano, Ben Broad, Keola Simpson., Jessica Kahler, Kevin Gillespie, Calaine Schafer


Hotel Project NYC
The Washington Jefferson Hotel. February 3-5
Written by Lally Katz, Megan Mostyn Brown, Peca Stefan, Matias Umpierrez
Directed by Tamilla Woodard, Alfonso Carcamo, Ana Margineanu, Doug Howe
Video features: Jessica Komitor, Danielle Fink, Lindsey Hope Pearlman,
Gabe Templin, Caitlin McInerney, Samantha Morrice, Aaron Schroeder


Hotel Project: Querétaro
one spectator,  one story... come in
a concept by Ana Mărgineanu, written by Alfonso Cárcamo and Mariana Hartasanchez
directed by Tamilla Woodard and Ana Mărgineanu
a project developed by Alfonso Cárcamo, Mariana Hartasanchez,
Tamilla Woodard and Ana Mărgineanu


Polanski Polanski by Saviana Stanescu
Directed by Tamilla Woodard, starring Grant Neal
produced by Nomad Theatricals at HERE, September 2010


Sherry Boone stars in her solo show
Super Star Artist Show - March 2008
Presented by Launch, developed with and directed by Tamilla Woodard


Man Up - written & performed by Carlos Andrés Gómez
Directed by Tamilla Woodard
soloNOVA Theater Festival 2007, Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2007,
and Downtown Urban Theater Festival 2009


Fidelity Commercial - 2009