American Dreams

by Leila Buck
Directed and developed by Tamilla Woodard
Developed in collaboration with Ali Andre Ali, Osh Ghanimah, Jens Rasmussen, Imran Sheikh, and Andrew Aaron Valdez

Producer: Raymond Bobgan

Assistant Director: India Nicole Burton

Stage Manager: Colleen McCaughey

Assistant Stage Manager/Board Operator: Merit Glover

Lighting Designer: Wes Calkin

Sound Design: Sam Kusnetz & T. Paul Lowry

Video Designer: T. Paul Lowry

Costume Designer: Kerry McCarthy

Scenic Designer: Ryan T. Patterson

Photo Credit: Copyright:┬ęsteve_wagner_photography

Cast: Ali Andre Ali, Joshua D Brown, Leila Buck,* India Nicole Burton, Christopher Hisey, Lynna Metrisin, Jens Rasmussen,* Imran Sheikh,* Brenton Sullivan, Andrew Aaron Valdez

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